Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Year,New school,new tragets

Sorry,I didn't update my blog for a while because there is so many homeworks to do at school.I also want to apologize for writing english cause my computer is out of order for a while.

First of all,I wanted to say Happy New Year to all of you.Everyone must have gone to the high school you wish for,right???Well,that's what I thought about my high school.Big,easy access,lots of cocurriculum activities and alsonice surronding.Except for two things I hate the most of Chung Ling Butterworth.
(1)Everyday we have to climb up to level 4 and have to climb up and down the stairs to go everywhere.
(2)Why dose I have to go to the Drama Club.Woo....Woo.....I am scared of drama after the performance last year.

New years,many things have to be new.New shirts and many more.Some even have new targets.Well for everyone,that's a 'must'.Ever year we should have new targets to lead our lives.For me,my targer would be:
1-Get good scores in examinations expacially Sejarah and Geografi.
2-Be active in cocurriculum activities and score big for my marks in cocurriculum.
3-Be able to handle my study and cocurriculum activities balancely.(My mom says the Drama club will affect my study for sure)

Well,that's for the first blog of mine in 2010.Hope to see you guys in our elemantary school at Chung Hwa 3 New Year celebration.

If u guys want to visit my drama blog(if interested) will be
Wei Jian